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Classroom Guides - 2B (New Berlin)

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Welcome to 2B!

Classroom Photo

Hello and welcome to 2B! Here at Learning Edge Childcare & Preschool, 2B is considered one of the Transitional rooms because the children are only here for about six months or until they reach 3 and are potty trained. Potty training is one of our biggest goals here in 2B, we have also included a potty training section in this packet!

Using our daily schedule we help the children build a routine structure for the classroom. For our curriculum we use the alphabet as a guideline for our themes. Each week we introduce a new letter to the children and work our themes around the letter. The children are asked to bring in something that starts with this letter. We also do seasons, shapes, and other fun themes each month. We incorporate songs and finger plays relating to the themes.

Remember at anytime you are welcome to come to us with questions, concerns or just to chat!



Hi, my name is Toni. I am one of the lead teachers in Two B. Prior to Learning Edge, I worked at a few other centers in the Milwaukee area with a variety of age groups. I will graduate in 2016 with an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education from MATC and I plan on furthering my education by pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Education. In my free time I love to spend time with my husband and family. I also like to go camping and support the Packers!

Things you will Need for the First Day!

Please make sure you have:

  • Photo of your child for his/her emergency card
  • Extra set of clothes (season appropriate, includes socks, shoes, and underwear)
  • Blanket (for cot)
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Winter: coat, hat, waterproof mittens, snow pants, and boots
  • Fall/Spring: coat, boots (if muddy outside)
  • Summer: sunscreen, swimsuit, bath or beach towel, water shoes or extra shoes or sandals (for water play outside)

Please label everything with your child's name or initials!!

Multipurpose Room Photo

Large Playground Photo

Daily Schedule

8:00-8:30Free Play
8:30-9:00Art, Potty and Changes
9:00-9:30Group Time
9:30-10:00Outside Time or Big Room
10:00-10:30Snack Time & Diapers/Potty
10:30-11:00Learning Centers
11:00-11:30Media Room
11:30-12:00Lunch & Diapers/Potty
12:00-3:00Nap Time
3:00-3:30Afternoon Snack
3:30-4:00Group Time
4:00-4:30Outside or Learning Centers
4:30-5:00Potty/Diapers & Art
5:00-6:00Table Toys & Departure

On some occasions Art Time will be switched w/ Learning Centers in the A.M.

Potty Training
Do you think that it might be time to start your 2 year old in the potty training process? We have put together this hand out to help parents to decide if now is a good time to start, as well as some helpful hints.

Some guidelines to consider on deciding to start training:

  • Girls are generally ready a little earlier than boys, around 2-2½ years old, as for boys they are ready around 2½-3 years.
  • Your child is staying dry for about 3 hours at a time and waking up dry from naps and sometimes through the night.
  • Your child can pull their bottoms up and down with little or no assistance and is starting to dress themselves.
  • Your child can understand and say the word "potty".

If your child coincides with most or all of the guidelines it could be a good time to start! A good way of introducing the potty would be to spend some time in the bathroom with your child and show them how to use the potty, and then introduce them to cloth underwear. Using larger clothes that are easy to change such as sweat pants and large T-shirts help as well. Excluding onesies, overalls, and jumpers. We feel using pull-ups during this time would have less benefit to the child because they feel like diapers, are more expensive, and harder to change.

Try training for a weekend and consider how it went. Having just a few accidents a day or less is great! Then you can bring in extra changes of clothes, remember that socks and shoes can also get wet. We will try this with your child for about a week, and it is important to that you are doing the same at home! If the week goes well we will keep it up, but if it does not we will stop and try again in a week or so.

Remember that this can be a very stressful time and we all need to keep in mind that it is harder for the children because they are learning something new. So let's stay as patient as we possibly can! We hope that this handout will benefit you and your child throughout the potty training process! Any questions or concerns please see us!

Classroom Photo

2B's Group Time Songs

Good Morning Children
Good morning children how are you? (clap, clap) repeat
Today is (day of week) that is the (M-first, T-second, W-middle, TH-almost the end, F-the last) day of the week!
Good morning children how are you? (clap, clap)
Then the children sing "Good Morning Teacher"

Look Who Came to School Today
Look who came to school today, school today, school today, look who came to school today, school today to play.
(Child's name)'s here today, ( )'s here today Hip Hip HOORAY ( )'s here today!

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