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Parent Testimonials

Read what our parents have to say about Learning Edge Childcare & Preschool!

  • Learning Edge is worth every penny we spend for child care! The teachers really care about our child and her well being! Ms. Sheila has been wonderful in helping our child adjust from 2A. She has also been wonderful in helping with potty training. She needs a raise!!! Sheila is so great with the children and the parents!
  • Great Job! Teachers and staff are all competent and positive. I feel like everyone cares about my child and that the center strives to provide fun, interesting experiences and events including field trips, music sessions, career week and holiday celebrations.
  • Overall a great center. My daughter transitioned well to the center from a home environment. Staff was great and supportive. Best place that I had toured when looking for a daycare.
  • We are extremely pleased with the care we receive at Learning Edge. The staff is always pleasant, informative and helpful. Keep up the great work!
  • I have had both of my children at both centers from birth. I could not think of anywhere else I would like them to be for daycare. The teachers are wonderful. The center is always clean and very often my children want to stay when I arrive to pick them up!
  • We LOVE the facility and staff at the Learning Edge. They all seem to genuinely enjoy working with children and helping them develop. We are always treated in a professional, yet friendly manner.
  • After having my son in several different centers and my daughter in one other, I will not put my children in any other program or center. I LOVE Learning Edge!
  • The daycare staff is caring and attentive. My child also has allergies and the staff are very careful and attentive to those needs.
  • This is the third daycare we have tried for our daughter and wish I would have found Learning Edge sooner. Your staff by far exceeds any expectations we have for a daycare. The teachers at Learning Edge are the best around. Please keep up the GREAT work! Thank you to all of you, which we can not say enough!
  • Overall, our experience has been a very positive one. Our child has developed some very special friendships with some of his teachers.
  • Melissa and Leticia take time and go the extra mile.
  • We are extremely happy with Learning Edge. We could not ask for more. We applaud everyone at Learning Edge for all of their hard work and dedication to the children and parents.
  • Most teachers know most/all of the kids in the center-not just the kids in their classroom.
  • We are thrilled beyond words with Learning Edge. Teachers are all so friendly-even the ones that don't work with my kids. We appreciate the daily comments written on their sheets about what they did/how they were.
  • We are very pleased! Communication is excellent. Learning Edge has a nice balance of a nurturing yet structured environment with high expectations.
  • I value the fact that parents are allowed to help plan at the center-that's rare for a daycare, but an excellent idea. The family events are wonderful and very well thought out!
  • The facilities are superb! We love the big classrooms, the big room and the media room! And the emphasis on playing outside, even in the winter!
  • The teachers seem to all love kids and enjoy their jobs. They take a lot of pride in the success of the kids and strive to keep things exciting and new. The teachers are always very involved with what the kids are doing, not just sitting back in a chair watching them play.
  • Every time I'm in the building I see the teachers working together to make things run smoothly and fun for the kids.
  • I have been very impressed with all of the teachers who have enhanced my son's learning.
  • I am very pleased with the care Brett gets at Learning Edge, the day care providers are just Awesome! Thanks
  • It was very obvious from the beginning that everyone at Learning Edge truly cares about the children and the parents feelings. In the short 2 months Ian has been there, they have demonstrated to us that they have a gift to recognize the special and unique personality of each child.
  • It is a wonderful feeling to know that we are not just dropping off our son to a "babysitter", but to teachers that actually love educating and playing with our child.
  • The thing we like most is the teachers and great communication.
  • Very satisfied, particularly with the staff! I feel fortunate to have found Learning Edge and am able to have my kids there.
  • Some of the teachers have been beyond my expectations. It is nice not to worry at all while the kids are there because I know the teachers take care of them.
  • Learning Edge exceeds services of all the other child care agencies I have dealt with since 1991.
  • You are doing a great job! Thank you for the care you give my son.
  • We are very pleased with the center especially want to say that the school age summer program is really great!
  • I do receive the monthly newsletter, which I feel is very informative and enjoyable to read.
  • We enjoy the creative and educational topics Miss Melissa chooses. She never seems to run out of ideas for activities. The art projects that our son brings home are proudly displayed for our family and friends to see and people never fail to comment on their creativity. The classrooms and facilities are always clean and in good order.
  • The teachers do an excellent job providing fun educational activities.
  • Our son is learning a lot, he comes home with different information. Ms. Sara is very nurturing.
  • I think it (Learning Edge) is FANTASTIC!
  • The cleanliness is great! This is one of the main reasons I considered Learning Edge.
  • My children and I love their teachers! Yes teamwork is evident.
  • The teachers are great! I feel very secure in leaving my child with you. Thank you!
  • I am especially happy with the teachers. Any concerns have been directly addressed and resolved expediently. I love the classroom newsletters. I am very happy with the variety and nutritional value (of the meals).
  • I find the environment to be safe, creative, challenging, and age-appropriate in nature. The atmosphere reflects the magic inherent in all children. I find my son's teachers to be knowledgeable, compassionate, and empathetic. I have great trust in their talent as care provider and educator. I thank them for their dedication. I am pleased with the multiple routes of communication that exist. The center and the teachers go to great lengths to ensure accuracy of communication. I am pleased with the care that my son is receiving at Learning Edge and thank you for your commitment to quality child care.
  • We appreciate the home cooked meals. Also like that there are lots of fruits and veggies and milk. Also like that for parties there is a sign up sheet so they don't get too much junk food- some healthy food is also requested/served.
  • Learning Edge has been wonderful! We appreciate the individual time/attention to each child. Staff are always helpful and we really like the 'extras': pictures of children in activities at the center with other kids, the special "hand made" gift momentos.
  • Staff appear to be very stable in comparison to other sites. All staff seem knowledgeable and capable of working with young children. I feel very confident that our children have been well cared for.
  • Our family has been with Learning Edge for several years. We couldn't be happier.
  • This is a wonderful facility and we are grateful to have both our children enrolled. One of the best referrals we ever received.
  • We have been extremely pleased with the care our children have received for the teachers and staff at the Learning Edge. We have watched our children and our children's friends grow up in a warm, clean and educational atmosphere.
  • The curriculum has been excellent in the classrooms. We have been updated regularly of what the children will be learning for the week and we are able to follow up at home on what they have learned. The teachers do a lot of preplanning and they do a great job of keeping to their scheduled curriculum.
  • Art projects have been ample and well organized. The teachers take the extra step to really do projects tat fit with the planned curriculum. Projects are showcased in the classrooms and we have been able to see how proud our children are of their creations.
  • Our children are happy, interested and engaged in projects and play when we come to pick them up. (our Daughter) is often unhappy to see us when we come to pick her up early. Although this can be difficult at pickup for mom & dad, it is and excellent indication of what type of care she is receiving. There are days that she would rather stay and learn and play than come home!
  • Learning Edge does a really great job of hosting social events for the parents and children. Every year we have looked forward to the anniversary party outside. Easter at the Learning Edge has become a tradition for our family. The Easter Party is unbelievable. I cannot believe how much planning must go into keeping that event moving smoothly. All of the holidays are made to be special days for our children. Spirit week is fun for the kids and us parents.
  • The staff has been so helpful in making our son feel comfortable in his new environment.
  • We have been extremely pleased and satisfied with the care education and consideration given to our children at Learning Edge for the past 6 1/2 years.
  • All the teachers at Learning Edge work well with my son's special needs. The teachers have always been very quick and responsive to my child's health. They notify me immediately when ever possible illness is observed. They put extra care and effort in comforting my child until I arrive.
  • After five years I still feel that Learning Edge is the place for both of my children.
  • When we began with Learning Edge I was impressed with the friendly staff and the routines established in the two year old rooms. Since then, I have been very impressed by the teaching done in the Preschool A, B, and K rooms. I feel the children are exposed to so much before they ever enter kindergarten!
  • I feel the administrators have been very good with hiring decisions. It's essential that parents feel comfortable with care givers, particularly in the young rooms when they are new to the center.
  • I feel the staff is doing a wonderful job in the assistance of my child's development.
  • We are very happy at Learning Edge. My children are happy, safe and very well taken care of. Learning Edge is a great facility. I will definitely enroll my two younger children in the preschool program.
  • We are very happy with the care and experiences that are provided for our child.
  • Ms Jane is a very positive teacher and provides a stable, relaxed learning environment for her students.
  • This is a great school and my child loves it here.
  • We have been very happy with our experiences at Learning Edge!
  • Our family is very pleased with the preschool program. My son looks forward to school and wishes he could go everyday!
  • Love, Love, Love LE!! We will have (3) children enrolled here at some point, so obviously am thrilled with their care & development.
  • I really appreciate the fact that teacher turnover is low and our daughter typically has the same teachers in her classroom on a regular basis.
  • My children moved to this center from another town. The quality of the LE was apparent from the moment we walked through the door for the tour. We have been very happy with the quality of care our children receive and they have been very happy at the center. Staff is always willing to talk to us and help us out with suggestions-even when our child is no longer in their class. I will be sorry when my children outgrow the program.
  • We have been extremely happy with the center and have seen so much progress in our children's learning since transferring daycare centers. Thank You!!
  • Great staff/teachers! Great facility. Very nice and always clean! Nice job keeping parking lot snow/ice free in winter. A+
  • Teachers at LE are fantastic-they care so much about the personal well-being of each child. My child knows the teachers from many of the older classes (and they know her) before she even gets those classrooms. We love the positive and happy attitudes exhibited by everyone who works at LE.
  • Over the years we've come to find great comfort in seeing how much the entire staff loves our kids. Thank you all for truly caring so much for them everyday!
  • I think the center is great and the teachers do a great job. My daughter likes the center. She has a great relationship with her teachers. The teachers go out of their way to ensure the kids enjoy the center and also to accommodate us parents with anything necessary.
  • We have had several daycare experiences and Learning Edge in Oak Creek is by far our best experience. They have great programs for the kids & the teachers are beyond wonderful. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful place to send our children when we can't be with them. My kids always come home with lots of fun stories to share.
  • We are so, so happy with Miss Jane's teaching & how wonderful she is to our child! School is fun & positive for her! I hope Miss Jane is still working here in a few years when our other 2 kids start preschool.
  • We are extremely happy with the care and professionalism of the staff and teachers. The best compliment is how both children react to their teachers.
  • My children are happy and well taken care of when at the Learning Edge. They are very well-adjusted children and much of that is due to the awesome teachers and programs at LE. Thank You.
  • I just want you to know how pleased we are with this center. The staff is wonderful. Everyone is smiling & my child comes home happy everyday. I feel her teachers know her well and are so knowledgeable about the age level they teach. Thank you for being in New Berlin!
  • Overall, we are very pleased by this center as a whole. My son is happy and eager to go to daycare. He loves his teachers and we are proud of him as he is learning so much here. We love how this center also includes parents :
  • I have always been happy with the center overall. It is a cheerful environment from the time you walk in the door. The Administrators are very visible & available if you need to talk to them-they're great! There is a great variety of field trips as the kids get older. Things seem to run flawlessly.
  • Love the staff!! Management very approachable and open to discussion. Center very clean. Flexible with my schedule. I have highly recommended the center to others. I know LE costs more than others but I am willing to pay.

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